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It's All About The Journey

Learning to harmonize while listening to records on the family stereo system was only the beginning.  Passing out the songbooks at church to line up and sing in “the choir” was a golden opportunity for a young kid.  Influenced by various genres in the 70’s was a free musical education for this Mississippi boy. 

Whether it was congregational singing, a traveling gospel bluegrass group at church, all-night southern gospel singings, contemporary Christian bands, black gospel choirs, or the opportunity to study classical music in college… it has all led to this — a return to his roots.  Deano Graham’s latest release "Bluegrass 3:16", is a stellar yet simple sound.  It’s extremely nostalgic.  A perfect mix between gospel and bluegrass, the numerous songs about Heaven offers the listeners hope for the future. 


What began as a life devoted full-time to music ministry, has now evolved into a pastoral calling,  including overseeing a global ministry, while maintaining an extensive travel schedule.  Ministry comes in many different forms, and Deano Graham is capable of wearing a myriad of hats when it comes to reaching people with what they need, whether it be through a song or a sermon.


The journey wouldn’t be possible without the love and strong support of a talented family.  Deano Graham has ministered alongside his family for many years in the states and to the nations of the world.  Together, they sing, they teach, they preach, they lead, they inspire, and they do it all with the help of God who gives not only the gift, but also provides the strength and wisdom to reach the masses. 


"Bluegrass 3:16" is available now.
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